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Cotton Cut-End Mops

Made from premium-quality cotton yarn, these mops are available in full line of narrow-band, wide-band and screw type styles as well as professional and value constructions.

Rayon Cut-End Mops

Made from high-grade rayon fiber, these mops give users an absorbent, mildew resistant cleaning tool.  These mops are   offered in a full range of narrow-band, wide-band and screw-type styles as well as professional and value constructions.

Looped-End Mops

Made from a range of materials, these mops are avalable in a full range of sizes, band styles and constructions.

Healthcare Mops

Formulated for the Healthcare Industry, all mops are produced from 100% synthetic antimicrobial fiber available in White, Blue, Green and Orange.

Dust Mops

Made from a range of reusable and disposable constructions, our Dust Mops are available in a range of sizes.  Also available are heavy-gauge, metal frames and a variety of clip-on handles.

Flat Microfiber Mopping Products

A full line of high quality Microfiber Flat Mops in 18” and 24” in dry, wet or fringe style.

Janitor Mop Handles

Made from a range of premium grade materials, our Janitor Mop Handles are of highest strength and quality and avalible in a range of head styles.

Bucket Wringers & Signs

Built tough from rugged plastic, our 35/24 quart bucket/wringer comes equipped with a side press handle and our 26” easel-style wet floor sign is durable and long lasting.