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Hand Scouring, Scrubbers, Sponges
& Grill Cleaning


ACS Cleaning Products offers a range of Scrubbers to meet any application. Made from stainless steel, brass, copper and plastic, our Scrubbers are available in various sizes, packages and styles. With over seventy years of Scrubber experience, our technical expertise and vertically integrated production techniques ensure that our Scrubbers are the industry’s best.


Made from pure cellulose, all of our Sponges are anti-microbial-treated for long lasting wear.  Available in a range of packaging, sizes and styles ACS has sponges for every application and use.

Scouring Pads

ACS offers the industry’s most comprehensive line of nylon blend Scouring Pads.  Manufactured using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques, our pads are available in a range of sizes, packaging options and styles.

Soap Pads

Available in steel wool or nylon constructions, ACS’ Soap Pads are saturated with a unique cleaning formula to maximize sudsing and cleaning power.  Hotel-sized, our Soap Pads are available in a range of packaging options.

Grill Cleaning

ACS Cleaning Products Division offers the Foodservice Industry’s most comprehensive line of grill cleaning products. From traditional Grill Bricks and Griddle Screens to the innovative,  Scour Pro® Power Cleaning System, our products master even the toughest grill cleaning chores.  ACS Grill Cleaning Products are available in a range of styles and packaging options.