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Cyclone-D™ Diamond Pads

The Latest in Diamond Pad Technology:

  • CYCLONE-D™ Diamond Floor Pads are the latest in diamond pad technology. These high-performing specialty pads yield superior results with less labor.
  • CYCLONE-D™ Pads are designed to be used without strong chemicals and are to be used for daily maintenance with existing custodial staff and equipment.
  • CYCLONE-D™ Pads are environmentally friendly and cost effective. Pad materials are produced using recycled fibers, making them the greenest in the industry.
  • CYCLONE-D™ Pads give life to dull, worn out floors and transforms them into clean, high-gloss, brightly polished floors.
  • CYCLONE-D™ Pads contain diamond-shape performance-wear indicators make replacement decisions easy.

CYCLONE-D™ 400 Grit
The most abrasive CYCLONE-D™ product, the 400 Grit Pads repair and remove scratches from the unpolished concrete and prepare the surface for less abrasive grits. For heavy-duty cleaning applications of worn concrete or cement-based terrazzo floors.

CYCLONE-D™ 800 Grit
800 Grit Pads remove scratches and prepare floor surface for micro polishing. The 800 Grit is the starting point for all floor types, except concrete.

CYCLONE-D™ 1500 Grit
1500 Grit Pads continue to hone and shine the floor surfaces, and leave the surface prepared for the final steps of the polishing process.

CYCLONE-D™ 3000 Grit
The least abrasive CYCLONE-D™ product, the 3000 Grit Pads effectively polish to a wet-look and should be used for daily maintenance. This step maintains a high gloss, clean, safe and shiny floor.

To see how CYCLONE-D™ products from ACS stack up against the competition please see our competitive cross reference chart.