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Quality Cleaning Products

Hand Scouring, Scrubbers, Sponges
& Grill Cleaning

Since 1939, ACS Industries, Inc.’s Cleaning Products Division has manufactured and supplied commercial scouring products to the Foodservice and Jan-San Industries.

Grill Cleaning Supplies:  Grill Screens, Griddle Polishing Pads, Holders and Grill Bricks make grill cleaning fast and easy.  Stainless Steel Scrubbers: Available in “300” Series, wide band for more cutting power and “400” Series corrosion resistant wire.  35 and 50 gram and a variety of pack sizes.  Great for pots and pans.  USDA and FDA accepted .  Anti-Microbial Scouring Pads:  Available in medium and heavy duty abrasive.  Great for cleaning everything from fine china and crystal to pots, pans and baking equipment with baked-on foods and encrusted grease.  Scrubber Sponges:  Nylon Scouring Pad laminated to a pure Cellulose Sponge.  Available in light and medium duty.  Hotel Size Soap Pads:  Made of fine Steel Wool and fully saturated with cleaning formula for greater suds and more cleaning power.

Fryer Filters

ACS Cleaning Products provides a line of NSF Certified Grease Filters in envelope, disc and sheet styles.  We utilize High Quality Synthetic Non-Woven Material in our #2 super flow and #3 standard flow varieties.  Our #4 is made from 44 lb. crepe paper and our #5 is 50 lb.  These Filters are the strongest, longest lasting available.  ACS also carries Filter Cones, Holders and Filter Powder to complete the line.

Floor Maintenance Pads

ACS Cleaning Products manufactures a complete line of Floor Maintenance Pads for stripping, buffing, cleaning, polishing and high-speed burnishing.  Our Floor Pads are formulated with the proper amount of non-woven Polyester, Nylon and Abrasive Grains to achieve maximum product performance.  The bonding process of these fibers blended together with our special resins and adhesives make these Floor Pads tough, durable and consistent.

All conventional and UHS Pads are 1” nominal thickness.  Our Stripping Pads are ¾” thick and our Emerald Hy-Pro is ½”.  Floor Pads are available in 1’ diameter increments from 10” to 32”.  We also offer the special size pads under 10” including 6-1/2”, 7-3/4”, 9” and 9-1/2”.  Center holes are 3-3/8” nominal.


Offering a wide variety of Mop Yarns to meet all of our customers’ mopping needs including Cotton Blends, Synthetics and Rayon.  All Wet Mops are available in cut end, loop end, narrow and wide-band, true ounce or numbered Mops for value cleaning.  We offer the most popular materials, colors and sizes in the Industry.

Brooms, Handles, Squeegees & Accessories

ACS Cleaning Products offers Mop Handles, Squeegees, Dust Pans, Mop Bucket / Wringer and Wet Floor Signs.  These products are all Commercial Grade and are the most common items used in every day cleaning.


Providing a precise line of Floor Cleaning Brushes including Deck, Bi-Level, Rotating Scrub and Vehicle Wall. ACS Cleaning Products Hand Held Brushes include Counter/Bench, Pot Brushes, Utility Scrubs and Iron Handle. Our Bowl Brush offering includes angular, contoured and Bowl Mop. Wire Brushes include Detail and Grout, Curved Handle Wire Scratch, Flat Wire Block Brush and Deluxe Broiler Cleaning Brush.

Sand Screen Disks & Steel Wool Products

ACS Cleaning Products Products Sandscreen Disks are used with conventional floor machines for fast action wood floor refinishing.  Sandscreen is the perfect choice for sanding down the old finish prior to application of new finish.  The Scour method of floor refinishing is most often used on gym floors.  The durable, open weave construction is non-loading.  ACS Cleaning Products Sandscreen Disks are manufactured with waterproof resins & silicon carbide abrasives on both sides making them highly consistent and longest lasting.